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The Paramount

Even though The Paramount is the smallest village in The Clan, it is considered to be the most important because it is where The Clan Leaders and council members live. They are responsible for making decisions for The Clan and maintaining order.


The Paramount’s color is maroon. It is set in the center of The Land of The Clan with the other eight villages surrounding it in a great circle. At the center of the village, in the town center, is the council building. This large, circular structure is where council sessions are held nearly every day. Paths to all eight of the other villages can be found leading directly out of the town center.


Aside from the council, those who live in The Paramount oversee the creation and preservation of all the records of The Clan. They maintain a complete genealogy and keep lists of everything from the quantity of plants grown in The Golden Fields each year to the number of shirts produced by The Making in a single day.


Every month, The Paramount delivers a list to each village with instructions for the following month. These instructions are very thorough and include a detailed plan of exactly how each day should progress. This encompasses what the children will learn in school, what quantity of materials and items are expected to be produced, and any information that must be shared with the community.


Another of their responsibilities is to create books for all the schools and villages in The Land of The Clan. They do this by hand, making the paper, binding the books, and carefully copying from a template.


The buildings of The Paramount are made of stone and mortar. This is to protect the records and books of law against moisture. The buildings are set close together with the dwellings on the outskirts. When leaving the village from the south, there is a slight hill to descend. On the eastern side of this slope rests the amphitheater. This is a very important location to The Clan because it is where Tellings are held twice a year.

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