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The Barracks

The Barracks’s color is Gold. It is set far inland and is located east and slightly south of The Paramount. These two villages are less than three miles apart and easily within view of each other.

The men and women of The Barracks are conscripted as soldiers and spend much of their time patrolling the peninsula and training in martial arts. The weapons they use are wooden staves, daggers, bows, and swords. While no battle has ever occurred in The Land of the Clan, the soldiers are always prepared for emergencies.

The Barracks is the village that never sleeps. Torches line the streets and are lit every evening. These burn all through the night since there are patrols scheduled every couple of hours. The buildings are crafted out of stone to prevent fires. At the center of The Barracks is a large, open-air training arena with a sandy floor. On the south side of the village is a fenced-in meadow where combat drills are practiced, sometimes using horses.

Villagers of The Barracks are the ones who transport supplies to and from each of the nine villages. This is no small task since food, fuel, and other necessities must be delivered to each village every day. While horses from The North Wind pull carts driven by their handlers, it is those from The Barracks who do all the loading and unloading. However, they are only responsible for getting the supplies into the village storehouses. From there, each village has its own workers assigned to distribute items to the individual dwellings based on need. Traveling between the villages helps the soldiers build their endurance and allows them to keep watch over The Land of The Clan.

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