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The Golden Fields

The Golden Fields’s color is light green. It is the largest of The Clan’s villages, both in population and square footage. Because of its size, The Golden Fields is the only village that has nine village leaders instead of five. There are dozens of fields surrounding the village proper, and these are where the majority of The Clan’s food is grown. The village is also responsible for supplying some of the food for the animals at both The Farm and The Northwind, as well as the herbs used by The Clan’s healers.

The people who live at The Golden Fields are not only in charge of planting, tending, and harvesting the crops, they also preserve the food until needed. This includes drying fruit, grinding grain, and storing vegetables. Once the food is prepared, it is kept in The Golden Fields until needed. Due to excellent planning, The Clan has never gone hungry.

Whenever someone dies in The Land of The Clan, their body is taken to The Golden Fields and buried there to help fertilize the next season’s crops.

While there is always work to be done at The Golden Fields, there is significantly less during the winter when the fields are frozen. The villagers use this time to rest and also to start preparing seeds for the coming spring. They are most busy during the fall. Often, the school-aged children are assigned to aid in the labor during the harvest as part of their practical education.

The village is set close to the river, which allows easy access to water for the plants. There are wheat fields in the north and orchards in the south. Most of the vegetables are planted either in the east or west. The dwellings are clumped together at the center of the village, while the grain silos and storehouses are located close to the fields for convenience.

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