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The Making

The Making’s color is purple. The village is located northeast of The Paramount and is where nearly every item that The Clan needs is crafted. These items include clothes, baskets, wooden forks and spoons, furniture, blankets, carts, shoes, shutters, earthenware plates, and buckets.


While it is of average size, The Making is one of the busiest villages, with a constant stream of people coming and going. This is because all of the materials used in The Making have to be brought from the other villages. The most common articles they receive are wool and leather from The Farm, stone from The Quarry, wood from Treescape, rope from Riverside, and plants used to create fabric dye from The Golden Fields.

Once the materials have been inventoried and sorted, they are stored in one of the many warehouses until needed. Every four days, The Paramount sends The Making a list of items to be created. It is the responsibility of the village leaders to communicate quantity and design requirements to the crafters. At the end of each day, completed items are loaded into carts to be delivered to the proper villages the following morning.

The buildings are made from wattle and daub, which requires slender tree branches to be woven together and then coated with a mixture of clay, sand, dirt, and straw. The village is laid out in the shape of a capital ‘T’. The road coming from The Paramount is lined with warehouses. At the intersection, there are several crafting halls. These are open air pavilions where crafters can work in the shade while still enjoying the outdoors. During the winter months, large curtains are draped around the outside to turn the pavilions into tent-like structures. Dwellings can be found at both ends of the cross street.

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