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Treescape’s color is dark green. It is the second largest of The Clan’s villages and is set inside a sprawling pine forest. Groves of many other kinds of trees grow to the north and west. These forests reach all the way to The Great River and The Mountains of The North Wind.


Firewood, as well as the wood for The Clan’s buildings, comes from Treescape. Those who live in Treescape are responsible for planting, tending, and harvesting trees in accordance with the needs of The Clan. This requires a tremendous amount of forethought and planning as trees can take decades to reach maturity. The village leaders must make sure enough new trees are planted each year to replace the ones that are harvested. They must also carefully clear the woods of brush to prevent forest fires.


Located at the very center of the different forests, north of the dwellings, is a sawmill. Felled trees that aren’t chopped into firewood are taken there to be cut into boards. Next, they are moved to the carpentry buildings. If an item is crafted only out of wood, it is completely assembled in Treescape. However, if an item requires elements other than wood, the carpenters do their part, then send it to The Making.


Nothing is wasted at Treescape. Sawdust is sent to The Farm and The North Wind to be used as animal bedding, and scrap wood is added to the firewood pile. Soldiers from The Barracks come once a day to pick up firewood and other items to be distributed to The Clan.


Occasionally, a special order is given to Treescape for an item that is too large to be transported as a whole, such as boats for Riverside, equipment for The Quarry, or even village buildings themselves. After the plans have been drawn up and the necessary amount of supplies prepared, the order is constructed on-site. This also means that extra trees will be planted the following spring to replace those harvested.


Most of the buildings in Treescape are made of logs laid horizontally and locked at the ends with notches. The carpentry buildings are located close to the sawmill and contain a wide variety of woodworking tools. Paths of hardpacked dirt are all that exist for travel throughout the village since tree roots would shift and dislodge any kind of stone pavement. Due to the forests, the inhabitants of Treescape are familiar with a wide variety of wildlife including owls, badgers, and foxes. These creatures help to control pests such as mice and rats.

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