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Book 3: The Return

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Book 3 of The Legacy Series

After escaping the mountain, Astra and her team once again find themselves at the beginning of a long journey. As they struggle to reach The Land of The Clan before the winter falls, they must find a way to deal with the secrets they have learned and face the difficult decision of what they will do when they arrive.

Desperate as the team is to return to The Land of The Clan, Astra’s fear of what will happen next makes her hesitate. With everything that she and the others have learned about the history of The Clan, she wonders if they will actually be able to change the future or if their people will remain shadowed in lies forever.

Battling with guilt and haunted by dreams, Astra’s greatest fears are realized as she sees herself beginning to change. There doesn’t seem to be any path she can take that doesn’t require compromise. With her world falling apart, Astra begins to question who she should trust when she can’t even trust herself.

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