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The North Wind


The North Wind’s color is dark grey. It is the northernmost of The Clan’s villages and sits under the shadow of The Mountains of The North Wind. After The Paramount, it is the smallest village of The Clan.

The North Wind supplies the horsepower to all of the other villages. Horses are used to pull carts full of supplies, help haul away trees for firewood, and plow the fields, as well as for many other tasks. Handlers go with the horses each day and work alongside them. The villagers who remain behind work the stables, care for the animals, and train young colts and fillies.

Mornings start early and the days are long at The North Wind. Horses must be fed, prepared, and taken many miles to their assigned villages before work even begins. After the day is done, the creatures must be returned and tended to again before the handlers can even think of resting. As a result, The North Wind is the only village to have a dining hall, where meals are prepared for the workers.

Even when not assigned to another village as a handler, there is always lots to be done at The North Wind. Saddles, harnesses, and other tack needs to be polished,  horses need to be groomed, and there are stalls to be cleaned. Since working conditions are harsh, The North Wind doesn’t attract a lot of transfer requests.

The dwellings are set in the northern part of the village, while the stables are spread out in the south. There are many different stables, each with its own purpose. The main stable is comprised of two buildings located right next to each other. This is where the majority of the working horses are kept. There are also stables for injured horses, pregnant mares, stallions, and young horses in training. Stable masters are appointed for each stable and can sometimes manage more than one. The stable masters’ job is to coordinate and ensure that the correct number of horses are sent to each village every morning. They usually give final assignments for the next day when most of the villagers have gathered in the dining hall for dinner.

The North Wind is the farthest village from The Paramount. The villagers are known for their lack of education and disregard for the laws of The Clan. It is the only village where some of the inhabitants don’t have their own dwellings, choosing instead to sleep in the lofts above the stables.

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