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In an unknown land, surrounded by strangers, Astra struggles to adjust as she is thrust into a new life. She is determined to bury her feelings of hurt and grief in order to protect The Clan. The task is made difficult by the presence of Todd, who she knows betrayed her and her teammates. She fears what will happen if he should ever make the existence of her people known.


At first, it appears that The People of the Brimming Lake have nothing in common with The Clan. However, underneath the surface, Astra finds that the core of who they are is not so different from her own people.

Conflicted by her desire to run away and her need to safeguard The Clan, Astra retreats inside herself to try to escape the darkness she sees in the world around her, a darkness stretching back to the beginning of time. As the last glimmer of hope fades from her life, Astra finds a new resolve to seek the truth, which has been hidden for half a millennium, and uncover the final mystery behind her people's legacy.

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