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The Quarry

The Quarry’s color is dark blue. The people who live there primarily work in the stone pits. This is one of the most dangerous jobs in The Clan and involves harvesting large chunks of rock from the deep quarries. Of course, precautions are taken to prevent injury, but occasional mishaps do occur. Because of the hazardous nature of the work, the area around the stone pits is off-limits to all except the designated workers.


The quarry pits themselves start as small holes and are slowly expanded deeper and wider to allow for additional harvesting. The pits remain circular, and steps are carved into the sides throughout the excavating process. Large wooden wheels are used as part of a pulley system to lift pallets of rock out of the pits. Horses are sent to The Quarry most days to help with the lifting.


After the stone is removed, it is taken by cart to a sorting yard. The unusable rock will be loaded back up and deposited in an abandoned pit. Some of the good pieces will be made into items for The Clan such as arrowheads, oil lamps, combs, and even bathtubs. Other pieces of stone are designated for the mending of buildings and roads. The Quarry has teams of masons who travel between villages, making repairs as ordered by the council.


The village proper is south of the pits. There are only a few official buildings, and the dwellings are spread out around them. The sorting yard is to the northwest, close to where the pits are located. All of the buildings are made of stone since it is readily available. The Quarry is the only village in The Clan to have dwellings that are two stories tall.

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