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The Farm

The Farm’s color is brown. It is the western-most of the three southern villages, which together supply food to The Clan. All the animals of The Clan, besides horses, are raised and cared for at The Farm. In addition to meat, the livestock also produce milk, feathers, fleece, leather, and eggs.

In this village, the majority of the work happens in the early morning and late evening hours. After the villagers wake up, they must first prepare the animals for their day before eating breakfast themselves. The cows and goats are milked, eggs are collected from the chickens, and all the animals are taken from their barns to their daytime pastures. Once those tasks have been completed, things slow down and most of the villagers can take a break for breakfast. A similar routine occurs at nightfall followed by the day’s end.


However, there is still plenty to do during the day. Animals need to be washed, the barns need to be cleaned, and the evening feedings need to be prepared. There are several large fields located farther away from The Farm where hay is grown to be stored in the lofts above the barns for the winter months.


When needed for food, animals are slaughtered in a special building by the village butchers. Nothing is wasted. The meat is used to feed The Clan, while bones, hooves, and horns are sent to The Making. The hides are sent to The Making as well, but not before they have been cured.


The town center is set in the middle of the village, with the dwellings located nearby. The rest of The Farm is divided into sections by animal. Each section contains all the facilities for that particular type of livestock. The barns and pastures surround the village in a wide circle. They are all set at least one hundred yards from the village to help alleviate the odor of the animals.

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